Part 4: “Kindness” My Conversation With Charles Ries in Four Parts

Part 4: “Kindness” I ask Charles to give me one word…one word that he feels makes him shine or that he would want people to remember when they think of him. “Kindness.” (I love this.) “You know, it’s always interesting when people tell you what they think of you or how they see you. I … read more

The Edge of Simplicity

Three handbags were set out on the back counter last night, just behind the table where we had all sat down to listen to the guest speaker. An unimportant detail as the women at the table were simply getting settled in and had moved their handbags away from their laps or the back of their … read more

Elizabeth and Elvis

Everybody has a story. Everybody has…stuff. How we handle it…for ourselves and for our friends is what truly matters. I sat in an audience of just over 1,300 area women yesterday to hear firsthand, the survival story of Elizabeth Smart. As she approached the podium, she carried herself with such a natural grace and ease, … read more